Congress Day Five: The Eucharist and the Dialogue with Cultures

By Chelzee Salera, IEC Web Writer

The fifth day of the 51st International Eucharistic Congress was opened with a morning prayer led by Most Rev. Romulo Valles followed by a Catechesis by His Eminence Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle regarding “The Eucharist and the Dialogue with Cultures” where the Cardinal received a standing ovation from the crowd gathered inside the IEC Pavilion.
During the lecture, Cardinal Tagle relayed the importance of the Eucharistic Culture of Convocation so as to overthrow the prevalent culture of individualism. In the pursuit of restoring the Culture of Convocation, which means to gather and call with an assembly of believers one of the things that needs to be restored according to Cardinal Tagle are Family Meals, “The appeal to restore family meals is directed to the wider community. During family meals we don’t only share food we share life and when we eat together we develop sensitivities.”
He further explained that the call for reinstating family meals is difficult because there are many distractions that prevent people from coming together like computers, television and new gadgets among other things.
According to Cardinal Tagle, Sensitivities are one of things that is shared during family meals.
“Trust, sharing and other sensitivities are developed around a table and not through seminars,” shares Cardinal Tagle.
During the press conference Cardinal Tagle also highlighted the importance of showing Christian culture through little practices.
Influencing the emerging culture of the youth was also one of the things that Cardinal Tagle pointed out during his lecture and further explained during the press conference, “For us to influence the emerging culture of the youth, elders need to understand. Engage young people for them not to be afraid. Ask them what makes sense and what doesn’t. It is for us to know that they should be consulted, they should be able to talk to us without fear,” shares Cardinal Tagle.
With the 51st International Eucharistic Congress, Cardinal Tagle hopes to produce a ripple effect that would bring a good impact to communities that are not able to witness the congress for themselves with delegates acting as missionaries in sharing their experiences and learnings to their individual communities.