International Eucharistic Congress Youth Day

By Krisha Socito

christ-in-the-youth-our-hope-of-glory-talk-of-most-reverent-robert-barron-dd-in-the-iec-youth-day_24054339873_oOver 3000 people gathered at the Hoops Dome, Lapu-lapu City for the International Eucharistic Congress (IEC) Youth Day on January 28, 2016.

Both IEC delegates and youth participants listened to the catechism by Most Rev. Robert Barron, DD about “Christ in the Youth, Our Hope of Glory.”

The registered youth participants alone were 3604. These participants are from the different local and national youth ministry as well as from various schools, universities, mandated organizations and other groups around the country.

Barron expressed in his talk that when you start to make your life a gift, your joy will begin to increase.

Three main points he stressed out in linking a strong energy to Christ is to first, find the center of your life – Christ. Second, know you’re a sinner – understand your addictions and find freedom from it. Third, Realize that your life is not about you – its about fulfilling God’s dream for you.

He ended his speech with a this sentence “If you find the person God wants you to be, you will set the whole world on fire.”